Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rainy days

Isn't this pretty. I love the flower on the top. We are away in welly for the week. The rain just keeps on falling. We sheltered in a little cafe in Plimmerton. The hot chocolate was just as yummy as it was pretty. I love Plimmerton, it reminds me of England where so many of the beaches have boardwalks to stroll along. The plus seems you are higher up and have a better view of the beach and sea stretching out in front of you, it seems more expansive, but is always good to get the toes out and feel the water.

Yep, there is a puppy under there. Even Harper is hiding from the rain and cold.

I wonder if a Kate owns this boat? I have never seen a boat called Kate. I am glad that the boat I happen to find called Kate has some character. It looks like a happy boat, something appeals to me about it (other than it sharing my name!) I think it is the simple blue and white colouring, it looks solid and rustic. I would like to take a trip on that boat.

Doesn't he look like he is having the best sleep ever. I don't mind rain at night, the heavier the better. I hope it pours tonight, nothing better than snuggling down in bed, listening to the rain pound down on the roof and hopefully having a sleep as peaceful as this.

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