Thursday, June 17, 2010

Scaredy Cat

This morning was my first time volunteering at the local SPCA. I have been allocated to the dog section so along with another volunteer we wash out all the sleeping places, empty and replace water, feed the dogs. Pick up poop from everywhere and hang out with the dogs and puppies. You enter one of the big enclosures and about four dogs bowl you over in welcome. They are jumping on your front, on your back, front legs on your shoulders. There was a friendly nip or two but so many lovely cuddles. I will have to be very careful too not fall in love with them all and create my own dog sanctuary at home, becoming the crazy dog lady who only communicates in barks!

They were short on people so I also cleaned out the cat enclosures. My first encounter with cats was at age five. I awoke to my fish I was taking along to pet day floating on top of the tank. Mum packed me off with an ice cream container of snails but later came along with a cute little grey kitten. Looks can be deceiving. I never bonded with Saidy the cat and was more scared of her than anything. She became my sisters cat and our only link was the times she would wait on the steps and claw my ankles as I stepped down, scratch me from under the kitchen table, pounce on my moving foot under the blankets sinking her claws in and the multitude of hair that would cover everything causing double bung eyes and my skin to itch. The photo above is of when she is older and I tried to buy her love by sharing the leftovers of my breakfast, if allowed she would lick the butter off your toast and drink your tea.

There was some beautiful kittens at the SPCA that looked in need of a cuddle and I have just read the book Cleo by Helen Brown so thought I would give being a 'cat person' another go. It did not end well. Cats paws can move like lightening bolts!! There claws are like filleting knives. With scratched up hands and one cat escaped and hiding behind the washing machine I admitted defeat and said I would stick with the dogs. I am seriously a scaredy cat!

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