Wednesday, June 16, 2010


These two fat kererus were hanging out in our garden yesterday. We see lots of tui's and kereru's around but these two looked particularly well fed. Are'nt they beautiful and plump. They almost look to big to be flying so gracefully through the air and perching up high on flimsy branches. Don't worry I did not break any laws and they are still flying plump and free but I did have a thought that I could totally see why they were historically the equivalent of roast chicken.

I read about ceramic drawing/painting here and was keen to give it a go. I bought two pens at spotlight, black and peacock. I got the milk jug and sugar bowl at a farmers sale and had a go at making them a bit prettier. I really love the final result, and the whole process was so simple. The picture on the milk jug is inspired by a pattern from a paper cutting website, that I painted free hand on to the jug and the sugar bowl is just a simple vine. I think the milk jug is really sweet.

At the farmers sale I also picked up this gigantic cup and saucer. I was in the midst of a bit of 60% off histeria and couldn't seem to control myself. It has made a really cool herb pot though.

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