Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nice things

Today was a good day, I feel that nice tired like I will sleep sound fully. There was .....
Yoga followed by bagels with cream cheese and lemon curd with a spirulina and apple juice, minus the cream cheese and lemon curd I feel virtuous just writing this .

Cleaned the whole house, bought a new washing machine to get through the shoulder high washing pile that has accumulated following the passing of our other washing machine a week ago. Made afgahn biscuits. Was gifted a beautiful rimu chopping board and some popping corn still attached to the corn.

Walked harper with a friend, stopped midway for hot chips with loads of vinegar (possibly may have lost virtue of spirulina and yoga), made the bed with the loveliest flannel sheets.

Made the bathroom look pretty and now I am sitting down to a feast of feijoas from our tree, a glass of milk and an afghan, these things make me happy.