Monday, June 7, 2010

High Tea

Despite the rain and more rain wellington was lovely. Lots of walks on the beach, movie watching, book reading and spending time with my Benjamin. I had a great time with my sister, we talk most days on the phone and I love spending time with her. She bravely had a final go at teaching me to knit, and I truly got the hang of it! She finally figured how I would miraculously start with 15 stitches and end up with 30 on the needles. Each time I put the needles down to do something I would come back and often start knitting backwards. I love what I made, so soft to wear, and the colours are beautiful. They liven up any outfit. On the way back from wellington I stopped off at the wool company full of inspiration and bought a beautiful ball of teal merino wall that I plan on knitting it in to a back up pair of wrist warmers, also because its the only thing I know how to knit!

We had an early birthday celebration for my sisters birthday which is tomorrow. She requested a sponge cake. Sponge cakes are so quick and simple to make and so yummy. We had run out of icing sugar so some sugar was pounded in the pestle and mortar. For some reason the icing sugar that was made was so much better tasting. I never thought there would be much difference between packaged icing sugar and freshly ground, maybe homemade just does taste better.

It had anathoths raspberry jam spread over with whipped cream on top boysenberries and grated chilli chocolate. We drank tea out of beautiful cups and ate cake. Everything tastes better when it looks pretty.

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