Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good things

There has been homemade almond butter, delicious.

An amazing find!!! Just when I was looking around the tree at the last of the small feijoas that had dropped I spied this beauty. Fruit just gets me so excited. I am sure I was a fruit bat in a past life.

Time at the river and one excited water loving pup.

And this beautiful vase. Visiting my grandparents at there retirement village we went for a walk and passed their neighbours. We were invited in to see what they had just got out of the kiln. I admired this vase and I think the man was so pleased I had chosen out of everything to admire his piece of work that he gifted it to me. So sweet. They are a group of five, new to pottery and finding there way together, trying different glazes and shapes. Never to old to learn something new he told me.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Putting the homely in breakfast

I have had quite a lot of free time on my hands which has inspired making more things from scratch. It is extremely satisfying and not to mention money saving! I have always enjoyed baking but have left the more simpler things to be provided by the supermarket shelves. So far there has been pasta, without a pasta maker, good arm workout getting it to the required almost paper thin thickness but so so tasty and quick. Mostly all homemade cleaners, you can do a lot with vinegar and baking soda, and so much better for the allergies and asthma.

Over the weekend I focused on breakfast, homemade muesli, with lots of almonds and dried peaches, almost makes getting up exciting. Recipe from here I made a few changes as I didn't have wheatgerm, just the right sweetness. Also made some extremely tasty bran muffins that I added kiwifruit, sunflower seeds and almonds too, I love the tin they are in. I picked it up at the sallys for $3. I have no idea where it was made, it is like a kids collage, a strange arrangement of pretty pictures.

Lastly the most exciting, home made yoghurt!!!! I was skeptical that it would work and slightly worried about eating it but it is delicious and creamy and so far no adverse effects. I hate to think of all the money I have spent on cartons of yoghurt when the process is so simple.

The book where most of this homemade goodness is coming from is the book Tips from your nana 'waste not want not' so worth geting a copy, I love everything in there and love it doubly because my nana gifted it to me as an engagement present.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I have had this light weight merino for over a year, it was a small cut off i picked up cheap at a global fabric sale. I have had no inspiration as what to do with it. Finally my sewing block cleared, and I saw ruffles, and this is what came about. I did draw up a rough pattern for the top part but the ruffle was a fluke and it fits properly. No annoying crooked seams, gaping arm holes or bits I would have to be conscious of hiding whilst wearing it causing it to be pushed to the back of the drawer. I am a beginner sewer so this is a triumph for me!

Picked up the hat at a local shop for only $4. Not exactly amazing craftsmanship, I did have to sew the rose on as the glue was coming away, but I think it is pretty none the less. Also had a few good op shop buys this week. There is one op shop in town but it seems to have a high turnover and it is rare I come out of there without some treasure.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Third time lucky!

Somewhere out there are two other blogs that I had high hopes for, I not only have no idea what they were called or the password to access them but sadly also never got past the first post.

Two things I am loving right now are feijoas and my new pup Harper. Both are unbelievably delicious and I just cant get enough of them. I have harvested mum and dads feijoa tree and am bagging them up to put in the freezer for a mid winter crumble treat. I love that they are totally seasonal and you cant just go to the supermarket in spring and buy them at some staggering price to satisfy the craving. You have to wait all year almost forgetting there taste and day dreaming about the time when you can lie in the grass under the tree with a teaspoon and feast to your hearts content.

The most delicious addition, he is bringing so much joy.