Saturday, June 26, 2010

Felt and Creme brulee

I have been busy felting scarves. I am using alpaca and merino fibre. I think they are good but it is so hard to know and I feel very critical of them when thinking I intend for other people to possibly buy them. I have never sold anything I have made and I am really scared if someone does happen to buy one they will complain about the quality or something. It is really hard to judge your own work from the point of view from someone elses perspective ie what would you pay for them etc

I did plan on posting some photos and if there was the possibility that I was not the only one visiting here I might get some feedback. But I have lost the freaking camera charger!! So that will have to wait.

I did manage to take some pic's of last nights pudding before the camera died. I love food and food photos. This space has no real theme but it seems food seems to feature here a lot.

Creme brulee is my favourite dessert. Last week I tried to make a dairy free alternative for Ben who is lactose intolerant, poor poor him. I used coconut cream, lime and passionfruit. It was yum but for some reason the sugar wouldn't crisp up. With straight cream they were oh so delicious, the sugar was a little over crisped but was lovely and crunchy.

Harper thought they looked good, this photo never ceases to crack me up, he is a crazy dog.

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