Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good things

There has been homemade almond butter, delicious.

An amazing find!!! Just when I was looking around the tree at the last of the small feijoas that had dropped I spied this beauty. Fruit just gets me so excited. I am sure I was a fruit bat in a past life.

Time at the river and one excited water loving pup.

And this beautiful vase. Visiting my grandparents at there retirement village we went for a walk and passed their neighbours. We were invited in to see what they had just got out of the kiln. I admired this vase and I think the man was so pleased I had chosen out of everything to admire his piece of work that he gifted it to me. So sweet. They are a group of five, new to pottery and finding there way together, trying different glazes and shapes. Never to old to learn something new he told me.


  1. oooh would you share your almond butter recipe? I can't get enough of that stuff but it's so expensive!

  2. Sure, it is extremely complicated....... roast almonds, blitz them in the food processor or with a whizz wand thing. (I borrowed my mums food processor to make almond butter and burnt it out, so take caution) I added a little salt to taste and thats it!! It is amazing how you whizz it and it just transforms and this creamy almond butter appears.