Monday, November 29, 2010

In the garden

For the last two months we have been able to go out to the garden to gather the greens for salads. It is the most satisfying thing. We have had red, cos, and chinese lettuce, lots and lots of rocket spring onions and a little leafy plant called dutch corn. Coming home from work and spending time in the garden watering, weeding and checking up on progress feels almost as good as a back rub (almost!).

Plus all day I am washing my hands and sterigeling between patients and coming home and getting dirt all over my hands and under my fingernails feels rebellious.

I love the snap pea flowers and the tomato has gone crazy.

I have been monitoring daily for the apperance of the little broccoli head. It is amazing how fast everything can grow, it seems in a day the broccoli plant has formed what we know as broccoli and the zuchini has grown lots of little flowers.

I have high hopes for the watermelons, and hope in a couple of months I will be rocking in my hammock with a massive slice.

p.s photos all out of order but for some reason I cant cut and move them!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Where did that time go. I never intended to stay away for so long. Life has been fun, with work crafting, trips here and there and there is so much I have to share but lets just begin with today.

I am all excited about decorating for christmas, I have already got the christmas tree up (well sort of a tree, but I will share soon) and am holding out till December the 1st when I can start decorating. That is a self approved date I don't follow any set rules but feel December is the official christmassy month.

Also I found out that buying candy canes mid november is a serious lesson in self control and I seriously failed.

Today we have been walking in the sun, eating a delicious lunch of bread cheese, pesto washed down with pear cider. Swimming in the river and attempting to create elderflower cordial.

Ever since I had a year in England when I left school I have been in love with elderflower cordial. I thought I spotted some elder flowers the other day, I picked a whole lot and when I got home googled elder flowers and found that what I had picked was a common and most likely poisonous

Well yesterday while out booking the wedding venue I came across the real deal, (inner scream of delight). I so hope it works, one recipe said stay clear of any elderflowers smelling of cat pee. Sadly I am getting a whiff of what could be cat pee from the whole entire pot of soaking flowers.

Fingers crossed I am just being paranoid.