Monday, May 10, 2010

Third time lucky!

Somewhere out there are two other blogs that I had high hopes for, I not only have no idea what they were called or the password to access them but sadly also never got past the first post.

Two things I am loving right now are feijoas and my new pup Harper. Both are unbelievably delicious and I just cant get enough of them. I have harvested mum and dads feijoa tree and am bagging them up to put in the freezer for a mid winter crumble treat. I love that they are totally seasonal and you cant just go to the supermarket in spring and buy them at some staggering price to satisfy the craving. You have to wait all year almost forgetting there taste and day dreaming about the time when you can lie in the grass under the tree with a teaspoon and feast to your hearts content.

The most delicious addition, he is bringing so much joy.

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