Thursday, May 20, 2010


I have had this light weight merino for over a year, it was a small cut off i picked up cheap at a global fabric sale. I have had no inspiration as what to do with it. Finally my sewing block cleared, and I saw ruffles, and this is what came about. I did draw up a rough pattern for the top part but the ruffle was a fluke and it fits properly. No annoying crooked seams, gaping arm holes or bits I would have to be conscious of hiding whilst wearing it causing it to be pushed to the back of the drawer. I am a beginner sewer so this is a triumph for me!

Picked up the hat at a local shop for only $4. Not exactly amazing craftsmanship, I did have to sew the rose on as the glue was coming away, but I think it is pretty none the less. Also had a few good op shop buys this week. There is one op shop in town but it seems to have a high turnover and it is rare I come out of there without some treasure.

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  1. Good job on the ruffles Kate. Thanks for the nice comment on my bear.