Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cat naps and puppy love

Another slow and sickly day. Was hoping I would be better by now but seems not. Have spent the majority of the day chasing the sun around the house then curling up and sleeping away the hours like a cat. Harper is not so keen to be my sick buddy anymore and even though he seems to be constantly sneezing (googled this and it seems no, dogs cant catch colds off humans!) he has escaped more than once out the front door. The first time he raced down to see his girlfriend down the road but was disappointed that there would be no playdate today. Izzy (girlfriend dog owned by my friends down the road) was very pleased to see him and they howled to each other as I pulled Harper home. Puppy love.

Harper being slammed by Izzy

The following escape was to the next door neighbours. I had to quickly hang the phone up on my sister as I spied him out the window squatting and ready in position to foul up there perfectly manicure lawn. I was amazed that the group of high school boys walking past only wanted to pat Harper and kindly re-framed from commenting on my crazy ruffled hair, bright green blue and brown pajama pants and red gumboots.

I have had some productivity, made a sock monkey for Ben to take to his little cousin in Australia, whitened some whites with a mix of lemon juice vinegar and baking soda. No good at removing stains but came out beautifully crisp and white and have started on a felt necklace that I will put up a photo of when I have finished. I am off to eat chocolate.

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