Monday, August 16, 2010

Castration and Donuts

We spent a rainy weekend inside, I have been sick and still am. I have an extreme case of cabin fever caused by the flu. I have watched every episode of Glee, and I was so desperate for entertainment this afternoon that I started watching the Bachelor on tv nz on demand. It drives me crazy and I ended up googling who won. Very disappointing. It would be horrendous to be one of twenty five women all vying for one males attention hoping to be his chosen bride. Of course the Bachelor thinks it is the most amazing time of his life, sure it is when you get to date and makeout with a different girl every day and then watch them squabble over you. Amazingly the bachelor/bachelorette (how do you spell that??) has had some success stories.
Other than watching a humongous amount of tv I have been eating and getting excited about trying out the recipes from the Australian master chef. We had a go at these donuts. They were so yum and me and Ben polished off about twenty of them in 24hours. Pretty impressive aye!

Harper has been my recuperation buddy. He has had a visit to the vet for the snip snip and also the snip of these funny claws on his back legs called dew claws which seem to be there for no other reason than getting caught on everything. He was understandably feeling sorry for himself on the first day buy in less than 12hours is back to his usual self.

Post castration the instructions are to not let your dog jump or run for at least three days. He was zooming up the the set of eight steps to the deck racing around the house up and down, escaping out the front door for a leisurely roam around the neighbourhood while I tried to track him down. He thought this was a game and would wait till I got within a foot of him then would take off. He managed to tear the cone off his head, but not before he had chewed both bandages from his feet (whilst the cone was still on) and then got his whole back leg in his mouth and had a good old chew on his stitches.

He has been sleeping inside since his surgery so we could better watch him and discourage him from ripping his sutures resulting in a expensive trip back to the vet. This morning he thought he would really try his luck and milk this whole sick deal and jump on the bed. He is so extremely cuddly like a big teddy bear so we let him snuggle in by our feet. For that kind gesture he thanked us by vomiting on my pillow two chunks of bone, a hunk of plastic off the scrubbing brush and a wad of dental floss the size of a golf ball.

He also stole a massive piece of steak from the bench, two donuts and a piece of wool. They say castration should calm them down, no sign of that yet.

Maybe it would help if I disciplined him instead of taking photos to show Ben.

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