Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cupcake day

Cupcake day was a success, sold all the cupcakes and also quite a few sausages.
Harper helped bring in the punters with his doggy cuteness. Was a nice sunny day and had lots of fun the day before baking cupcakes with some other volunteer friends.
We made about 100 cupcakes and iced them all with crazy coloured butter icing.

Ben hates any kind of adornments for dogs, bows, studded collars a
nd especially coats. I don't exactly like the idea of dressing up dogs but I couldnt resist putting harper in this coat just to enjoy Ben's reaction. As soon as he spied him through the glass of the door Ben's face dropped.
Ha Ha it was absolutely hilarious. That coat was taken off pretty quickly but not before I got some photos. I think Harper quite liked it.

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