Sunday, November 28, 2010


Where did that time go. I never intended to stay away for so long. Life has been fun, with work crafting, trips here and there and there is so much I have to share but lets just begin with today.

I am all excited about decorating for christmas, I have already got the christmas tree up (well sort of a tree, but I will share soon) and am holding out till December the 1st when I can start decorating. That is a self approved date I don't follow any set rules but feel December is the official christmassy month.

Also I found out that buying candy canes mid november is a serious lesson in self control and I seriously failed.

Today we have been walking in the sun, eating a delicious lunch of bread cheese, pesto washed down with pear cider. Swimming in the river and attempting to create elderflower cordial.

Ever since I had a year in England when I left school I have been in love with elderflower cordial. I thought I spotted some elder flowers the other day, I picked a whole lot and when I got home googled elder flowers and found that what I had picked was a common and most likely poisonous

Well yesterday while out booking the wedding venue I came across the real deal, (inner scream of delight). I so hope it works, one recipe said stay clear of any elderflowers smelling of cat pee. Sadly I am getting a whiff of what could be cat pee from the whole entire pot of soaking flowers.

Fingers crossed I am just being paranoid.

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