Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some of Summer

After work river swims.

Exploring new places. Taranaki and its beautiful beaches.

Lots of cuddles and playtime with this sunsmart munchkin.

Christmas kisses from my puppy, after a action packed christmas day, adventures on the river, time spent in a spinal collar, westpac helicopter, and then a christmas evening in the ED apartment.

Backyard wedding. Home made wedding dress made from a great great great aunts crocheted table cloth. (no cutting of the table cloth allowed)

Delicious berry treats, meals shared, warm long summer evenings.

Cake fit for a 9year old pirate.

Christmas gift made for Ben's 3yr old niece. I want one too.

Grapes from the next door neighbour, will be grape juice bottled and stored to warm up and drink on a wintry day.

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